We deliver dependable, cost efficient products and components to our clients from all trades.

With our cutting edge technology, we deliver dependable, cost efficient products and components to our clients from all trades.
In the 21st century, the boundries between the different manufacturing industries have blurred. JMI strives to go above and beyond our duty as an expert in electroplanting on plastics.
Today, we design and produce a remarkable range of branded consumer products and components, specializing in kitchen and bath industries, large appliances and consumer goods, whilst developing artificial intelligence systems for post-production quality control.

Manufacturing Solutions

Our team of experienced engineers is the spark for progressive and innovative product solutions. We are committed to applying breakthrough technologies that will deliver performance and increased margins for our customers.


JMI partners with you to offer you expanded production capabilities through our innovative multi-material molding process, multi-cavity tools to improve accuracy, flexibility and costs. Together, we create unique products you’ll be proud to launch.

Product Development

We work closely with our international customer's design and marketing teams to find excellent, cost-effective solutions. At JMI we also initiate our own design concepts and market focused products. We strive to be successful in the competitive global marketplace by applied technology and innovation.

Surface Finishing

JMI sets international standards for our surface finishing processes of plastic and metal components and products. Our in-depth technical expertise is applied to a wide range of decorative and functional finishing techniques.


Our integrated tool making division works with our engineers, molders and the plating teams to address all issues that might arise during the manufacture and plating of parts.