PVD Nanotechnology and Advanced Surface Finishing


Three PVD chambers on site

PVDPVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) Nanotechnology uses a high-tech process that molecularly bonds a brilliant metallic finish to a chrome plated plastic product or component. The hard finished surface is by far the most durable metallic finish on plastic available in the market. PVD is an environmentally friendly, process that will not corrode, discolor or tarnish over time. For example, we use PVD for showerheads requiring a robust stainless-steel finish, appliance bezels needing a “black chrome” finish and cosmetic cases sporting a “dark gold” appearance.

The PVD process happens in a vacuum chamber on site at relatively low temperatures. The result is a long lasting “stainless steel” finish durable brushed nickel or a brilliant brass finish.

PVD Colors       Rockshox-Fork

In addition to PVD, we are experts at achieving excellent popular “distressed” finishes such as ORB (Oil Rubbed Bronze) and antique gold. These electroplated parts are sprayed with a clear organic coating for extra protection.